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1/2GHz FM Modulator Picture & Stereo Sound

In rural areas or over very long ranges the distribution of TV programs by cable is a very expensive solution.

Link Modulator

As an economical alternative we can offer the distribution by microwave links in the 1-2GHz range under the condition of optical sight between transmitter and receiver.
This transmitter delivers a signal which is identical to a standard satellite signal.

This means that standard satellite receivers could be used for reception which is a very low cost solution.
This system can supply an unlimited number of receivers within the transmitter`s range.
When using 12dB gain antennas for transmitting and receiving the distribution range is about 10 kilometers.

We can also offer an accu-powered version (12V/1.3Ah=8hours) for portable or solar-powered applications.

For high frequency accuracy the transmitter is phase-locked (PLL).
It is also possible to feed an additional power amplifier (PA) by the coax cable to the antenna (I max. 300mA)


Frequency : 400MHz wide segment within 800-2500MHz
Please specify when ordering!

Frequency Step-Width: 1MHz
Video Input (Cinch): 1Vss / 75
W (adjustable)
According Frequency Deviation/Bandwidth: 0-36MHz
Audio Input (Cinch): 600mV / 1K
Stereo Sound Sub-Carriers: Nom. 7.02 & 7.20MHz /100KHz deviation
(other frequencies from 6-8MHz also possible)
Video-Deemphase: According CCIR-405
Output Power: 0dBm = 1mW (+/-3dB)
Supply: 12 - 15V DC / max. 150mA
Dimensions: 31 x 113 x 165mm
Weight: ca. 250g

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Only for export purposes; please check the according local legal regulations.

Broadband-PA (850-2300MHz) with 23dBm (200mW) output level