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Triple Vestigal Side Band Modulator VHF Band 1 (B/G)

A common problem: A few additional TV channels have to be added; but the complete upper VHF & UHF spectrum is occupied.

Here comes a solution:

VHF Vestigal Sideband Modulator

The Triple VHF Band 1 Vestigal Side Band Modulator

In these days the VHF Band 1 (48,25 - 62,25MHz) is out of use in many regions.

This enables the use for distribution purposes with three additional TV channels.

TRIMOD offers a simple solution for this purpose. Three vestigal side band modulators are integrated in a compact module.

High frequency stability is achieved by the use of crystal oscillators. An integrated low-pass filter suppresses harmonics.

  • Technical Data

Output Frequencies (Picture Carrier):

  1. 48.25 MHz (E2)

  2. 55.25 MHz (E3)

  3. 62.25 MHz (E4)

Output Connector: F

Output Level: > 80dBuV / 75 W

CCIR Standard: B/G

Picture Modulation: AM negative

Audio Modulation: FM 5.5 MHz (optional: 6.0 MHz or others on request)

Video Inputs: 1 Vss / 75 W

Audio Inputs: 600mV / 1 KW

Supply: 15 V DC / max. 200 mA

Dimensions: 31 x 113 x 168 mm

Weight: 250 g