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Spectrum Analyzer

SpectraBox SAT ISM

Documents (PDF):

Data Sheet ISM1.0 (2 pages)

Instruction Manual ISM DX1.0 (2 pages)

NEW OPTION: Auto Resume

Instruction Manual Auto Resume AR1.0 (2 pages)


Complete spectrum in the 1500 - 2500 MHz range:

DCS1800 PCS1900 DECT UMTS WLAN Bluetooth ...

The complete spectrum range of wireless communications from L to ISM-band is captured by this analyzer.

This multi-purpose instrument handles numerous applications: From precision field strentgh measurements to wireless video bug detection.

ISM Spectrum Analyzer

Basing on the SpectraBox SAT DX this model has also the additional DX-Mode for expanded sensitivity that makes weakest signals visible, which otherwise would be burried in the noise.


  • Spectrum monitoring, surveillance & signal identification

  • Measurement of cross polarity separation & C/N

  • Detection of radiation leakage & interference and signal sources

  • Broadband measurement of insertion gain or loss


Five selectable menu parameters; variations via +/- button

  • Reference level in 10dB variations

  • Low/High (L/H) input level range

  • Amplitude scaling (vertical): 10-5-2 dB/Division

  • Frequency scaling (horizontal): Full Span/100-50-20-10-5-2-1-0 MHz/Division

  • Center frequency


Input Frequency Range: 1500 - 2500MHz

Input Connector / Impedance: IEC-F / 75W

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 2MHz & 0.2MHz

Sweep Time (complete scan): 3.5s - 0.4s (Full - 1MHz/DIV)

Input Level Range:

LOW: 20/30 - 80dBuV (RBW 0.2/2MHz)

HIGH: 50 - 100dBuV (RBW 0.2/2MHz)

Measurement Error: <+/-3dB (internally compensated)

Supply: 9 -12V DC / max. 250mA

PC Interface: RS 232

Dimensions (HxBxL): 32 x 113 x 170mm

Weight: 0.45kg (excluding accumulator)

NEW OPTION: Auto Resume

The AUTO RESUME version stores automatically all selected parameter settings for reference level, DX-mode (on/off), measurement range (L/H), amplitude scaling, center frequency and frequency scaling.

This firmware is also available for former models of the SpectraBox SAT, but therefore the device needs a new factory calibration.

More details on request !