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DiRaSelect 300: USB-controlled 3 Way Active Antenna Swich and Mixer 9KHz - 300MHz

With the DiRaSelect 300 we expand our product range of receiver accessories by an additional component. Via USB up to three different receiving antennas from 9 kHz - 300 MHz can be switched loss-free to one output socket.


High sensitivity and excellent strong signal handling

With the DiRaWave 032 we introduce the third generation of PC-controlled shortwave receivers from own development and production.

An extremely low noise floor of -137dBm in association with an oustanding intermodulation-free dynamic range of >102dB combines perfectly maximum sensitivity with excellent strong signal handling.


Universally usable: Generating DRM & Analog AM Broadcast Signals with SPARK Modulator & DiRaGen 30 USB

With the DiRaGen 30 USB we present a further variety of our shortwave exciter which is completely USB-controlled in combination with the modulator software SPARK.

With this unbeatable combination of software and hardware it is possible to generate all commonly used kinds of shortwave broadcast signals.


DiRaGen 30 - Generating Shortwave DRM Radio Signals

Transmitter software for generating a DRM signal via PC & sound card is already available.

Our new developed exciter DiRaGen 30 converts such a DRM signal to an individual shortwave frequency.


SoDiRa supports DRB 30 & 32

The actually most comprehensive free SDR software SoDiRa supports from version 070 direct frequency tuning of our PC-controlled receivers.

We have added an extra section concerning support of the DRB 30 and DRB 32.


DRB 32-4 at the Arkala Extremes Project

This special model consisting of 4 coherent DRB 32 receiver units for simultanious 4-channel reception is used for measurements of the possibly highest 14MHz antenna in the world at Arkala/Northern Finland since July 2007.

These data are needed to create a mathematical model for antenna simulation. Design goal is development of "intelligent antennas" which deliver always the highest available signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio.


DRB 32 at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2007

Our new semiprofessional DiRaBox DRB 32 will be showed up at the DRM - EBU Village Stand # 10-411 IBC 2007 from 07 - 11 September 2007 in Amsterdam/NL .


DRB 32 - New DiRaBox

With the new DRB 32 we introduce a modified concept especially for semiprofessional applications with enhanced performance:

• Increased sensitivity of about 6dB
• Switchable high intercept range (HighIP) for large signals
• Further improved selectivity
• Expanded interface with additional reset
• 12KHz standard IF output


DRB 30 PREMIUM - 1st prize in real-world test

A test of the DRB 30 PREMIUM in comparison to two other SDR receivers under DX conditions is available here:

King s Village DX Tests: Can a 150 Grams Box be a Communications Receiver ?

The test was made in Finland, DX stations were Radio New Zealand & Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea. Short excerpt from the conclusion: "... the small box is really capable to receive signals as good as more expensive models."


DiRaRem - Frequency database management for DRB 30

DiRaRem allows easy frequency tuning using different frequency listings. This software was first developed by our customer Frank Deinhard for his own purposes and is now available for common use.


New control software & USB adapter for DRB 30

A new Control Panel software version V1.5 is available. And also a new plugable USB adapter which allows control of the unit via USB bus.


DRB 30 - Test report concerning DRM reception with the new 2006 model

A new comprehensive DRM reception test report is now available. Rainer Suckow who runs the DRM website section of the Funktechnikmuseum Koenigs Wusterhausen ( birth place of broadcast in Germany ) has written a voluminous test report regarding the new DRB 30 model at many different daily reception conditions.


DRB 30 - Single sample achieves max. 49.5dB SNR DRM performance

After a AGC modification of the DRB 30 the DRM performance was measured in combination with the DREAM software. The best sample achieved 49.5dB SNR, the other samples were in the range of 38 - 46dB

All units of the 2006 model series already include this modification, elder units are upgradeable.


DRB 30 test report in FUNKAMATEUR 01/2006 issue

In January issue the German ham radio magazine FUNKAMATEUR has testet the DiRaBox DRB 30 in combination with Software Defined Radio applications.


How to build a simple active antenna for the DRB 30

Simple but efficient: Only four components are necessary to construct this simple active antenna suited for the DRB 30. The receiving range is from AM to FM (0.5 - 100MHz) with good performance.


New product range - PC-controlled Shortwave Receiver DRB 30

The DiRaBox (Digital Radio Box) DRB 30 is a PC-controlled black box shortwave receiver developed for Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications. Innovative technology and state-of-art design combined to form a RF frontend for all freeware and commercial SDR software applications.


DILAN 2150 - New firmware V4.2

The DILAN2150 Satellite Level Meter is now available with 32 instead of 16 programmable memory channels.


SpectraBox SAT DX special model for EGIS-Rotor™

The well-kown EGIS-Rotor positioner has an analog input (AGC) for signal-strength dependent positioning optimization.

We can offer now a special model of the SpectraBox SAT DX with an additional signal-strength dependent voltage.

Together with the Auto Resume firmware this model is optimized for the EGIS-Rotor positioner.


SpectraBox SAT DX available with Auto Resume firmware

For professional applications we offer now the SpectraBox SAT DX also with a special firmware called Auto Resume.

The Auto Resume version stores automatically all selected parameter settings. These settings will be automatically selected after powering-up .


New model: SpectraBox ISM 1500-2500MHz

The complete spectrum range of wireless communications from L to ISM-band is captured by this analyzer.

This multi-purpose instrument handles numerous applications: From precision field strentgh measurements to wireless video bug detection.


New model: SpectraBox SAT DX

Basing on the reliable SpectraBox SAT standard model we introduce with the DX model a version with extended capabilities:

• Additional DX mode for higher sensitivity
• Four programmable converter LO
• Higher frequency zooming resolution
including zero-scan (0MHz/DIV)
• Visible basic noise level
• Higher dynamic range

A data sheet is available here.

It is also possible to upgrade the
SpectraBox SAT standard version, but this
requires a new calibration. More details
on request !

Current Software-Versions of our Measurement Equipment:

(After switching on the number of version is shown on the display)

  • SSM2150: V1.2

  • DILAN 2150: V 4.3

  • SpectraBox SAT: V1.1

  • SpectraBox SAT DX: DX1.1 & special option AR1.3

  • SpectraBox ISM: DX1.3

Prices and conditions for software-upgrades on request !