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Spectrum Analyzer

SpectraBox SAT DX

Special model for EGIS-Rotor™ positioner

Document (PDF):

Instruction Manual Auto Resume AR1.0 (2 pages)


The well-kown EGIS-Rotor has an analog input (AGC) for signal-strength dependent positioning optimization (Auto-Tracking).

This feature is essential for tracking stellites in inclined orbit positions.

Such satellites are inclined in higher amplitudes.

Therefore a fixed antenna would deliver a fluctuating signal quality over the time.

Only an additional information like the the already mentioned AGC-signal always guarantees the best available signal quality. The antenna will follow the satellites position automatically (Auto Tracking).

SpectraBox AGC EGIS

In the days of analog satellite-TV many satellite receivers were able to deliver such a signal strength dependent voltage - the so-called AGC output.

This valuable feature is lost with the new generation of digital satellite receivers.

We can now offer a special model of the SpectraBox SAT DX which has an additional signal strength dependent output.

Operating the SpectraBox in Zero-Scan mode (0MHz/DIV) the device works like a receiver tuned to a fixed frequency.

This mode generates an optimum AGC voltage for the EGIS-Rotor.

Together with the Auto Resume firmware this model is especially optimized for EGIS-Rotor applications.

This model is also available with the standard DX firmware on request.


Basing on the SpectraBox SAT DX

Input Frequency Range: 950 - 2150MHz

Input Connector / Impedance: IEC-F / 75W

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 2MHz & 0.2MHz

Sweep Time (complete scan): 3.5s - 0.4s (Full - 1MHz/DIV)

Input Level Range:

LOW: 20/30 - 80dBuV (RBW 0.2/2MHz)

HIGH: 50 - 110dBuV (RBW 0.2/2MHz)

Measurement Error: <+/-3dB (internally compensated)

Supply: 9 -12V DC / max. 250mA

PC Interface: RS 232

Dimensions (HxBxL): 32 x 113 x 170mm

Weight: 0.45kg (excl. accumulator)

  • Special features (included)

Signal dependent output voltage

Type: Cinch (signal voltage inner / ground outer)

Impedance: 1KOhm puffered & short-circuit proofed

Signal voltage: approx. 0.5 - 3.5V (proportional to input field strength)

Auto Resume firmware

The Auto Resume version stores automatically all selected parameter settings. These settings will be automatically selected after powering-up.