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Software Defined Radio

DiRaWave 032

Low-IF USB-controlled Shortwave Receiver
40KHz - 30MHz


High sensitivity and excellent strong signal handling

With the DiRaWave 032 we introduce the third generation of PC-controlled shortwave receivers from own development and production.

An extremely low noise floor of -137dBm in association with an oustanding intermodulation-free dynamic range of >102dB combines perfectly maximum sensitivity with excellent strong signal handling.+


Documents (PDF):

Instruction Manual DiRaWave 032 (2 pages)

(in combination with RJ10Mini Control Software)


Learn more about the DiRaWave 032:

Analogue Reception


DRM Reception

Functional Description

User Interface & Control Software (RJ10Mini)



Control Software RJ10Mini (ZIP)

incl. ExtIO-DLL

(for DiRaWave 032 & RadioJet 1102S)



Official DRM Supporter (Digital Radio Mondiale).


Radio monitoring made easy

DiRawave 032 SDR USB-controlled Shortwave Receiver


Today's world is complicated enough.Therefore the supreme development goal of the DiRaWave 032 was easy operation besides maximum performance.

Only two connectors are needed:

• Antenna connector (BNC)

• USB plug for PC connection

USB is used for data transfer and providing power. The receiver is recognized as external audio device. No special drivers are needed. Therefore the installation process is fast and fully automatic.

Due to the compact design in combination with the integrated USB power supply the receiver is an ideal companion for portable use.
Simply connect an antenna and start listening right away!

Ideal symbiosis

The DiRaWave 032 emerged from a cooporation with the german special software developer Bonito who is responsible for the firmware and control software while we are competent for hardware development, production and service.

With decades of experience valuable synergies were accomplished.

The DiRaWave 032 hardware is identical to the Bonito RadioJet1102S. The only difference is the performance of the available control software.

DiRaWave Spektrum  RJ10Mini SDR

While the DiRaWave 032 is offered with the freely available basic control software RJ10Mini as a standard feature, the RadioJet 1102S is delivered with a more complex and extensive control software.

Nevertheless it is also possible to purchase the RadioJet software afterwards.

The standard RJ10Mini control software allows the complete instrument control and demodulation of all commonly used forms of modulation:

• AM


• CW

• FM

• DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)

A real-time spectrum and waterfall display is also included.

Moreover, an extrnal IO-DLL (ExtIO-DRW032) is also available, so that all third-party SDR programs are supported which allow the integration of an external IO-DLL like WinRad, HDSDR, SharpSDR etc.


Quality instead of quantity

While the general trend for PC-controlled receivers is towards capturing large bandwidths, the DiRaWave 032 works deliberately in the opposite direction.

A good receiver should always get the most from a certain input signal. Because strong and weak shortwave signals have to be processed at the same time broadband concepts are reaching their limitis especially when using high-performance antennas.

If, for instance, phantom signals occour late at night on frequencies above 20MHz even though the Maximum Usable Frequenncy (MUF) has already dropped significantly, this indicates intermodulation problems of the used receiver.

Our concept is a narrow band concept which uses besides ultra linear mixers also a special steeply sloping bandpass crystal filter to enable optimum useful signal processing for further digitization.

Especially for weak signals close to the noise floor more than average results are achieved, so that even the weakest stations can be captured and recognized.

In addition to the low power consumption of just over 200mA, the demands on the connected PC are also modest, so that operation with the most common netbooks is already possible.

Technical Data:

Frequency Range: 40KHz-30MHz (continously)
Smallest Tuning Step: 1Hz
Antenna Jacket/Impedance: BNC-socket / 50Ohms
Integrated Electrostatic Discharge Protection: 40KV (reaction time 10-20µs)
Maximum Allowed Antenna Power Level +10dBm typ.
Noise Floor / Sensitivity (0.15-30MHz&2.3KHzBW):
Standard:< -137dBm / -127dBm for 10dB SNR typ.
HighIP (ATT):< -122dBm / -112dBm for 10dBSNR typ.
Third-order Intercept-Point IP3 (@7.00 & 7.20MHz):
Standard: +16dBm typ./ HighIP (ATT):+29dBm typ.
Intermodulation-free Dynamic Range: >102dB typ.
Frequency Stability (15min. warm-up period): +/- 1ppm typ.
DRM-Performance (9/10KHz): max.SNR >50dB typ.
Bandwidth Roofing-Filter (@45MHz/1.ZF): 16KHz(-3dB)

IF Supression: (@45MHz / 1.ZF): > 80dB
Image Frequency Rejection:
>65dB / 1.IF (LO + 45MHz)
>70dB / 2.IF (In-Band-24KHz)
ADC: 2x16Bit cascaded & 48KHz sampling rate, real (no I/Q!)
PC Control Port: USB2.0 (USB-B jacket)
Current Consumption: max.220mA via USB
Operating Temperature: 0-40°C
Dimensions / Weight: 115x120x32mm / 0.25kg
Conformity: CE & FCC approval

Minimum requirements

• 1.6GHz INTEL Pentium MCPU and 1GB RAM
• USB 2.0 High-Speedport (480 Mbit/s)
• Soundcard for playback: 16BitStereo (AC97 compatible)
• Graphics Card: min.1024x600 and suitable display
• Computer Mouse with two buttons and optional wheel
• Hard disk with min.10GB
• System Software: Windows 7 & 8, Vista & WindowsXP


What`s included?

• DiRaWave 032

• USB connection cable

Please note: The standard control software RJ10Mini is not included..

Instead, this software can be downloaded directly.

The control software is also available on CD-ROM on request.

All trade marks accepted, technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Customer feedback:

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of a DiRaWave032. It arrived in good condition.
The DiRaWave032 is now my fourth SDR in my shack, although strictly speaking the DiRaWave 032 is no SDR in the conventional sense.

I would like to tell you that you had a smashing success with the DiRaWave 032. The mere fact that there is no classic AGC results in there being no 'pumping' of the signal in the first place and that is why the noise floor was lowered by 1-2 steps. Super!
The receiver characteristics, the sound and the intelligibility can be called extraordinary, especially in connection with the free HDSDR-software (current version 03.2013)! Without doubt, the DiRaWave032 has high sensitivity with a very good S/N ratio, provided a good sound card (for playback) is made use of.
Furthermore, the large signal immunity is outstanding. Even signals on the 160m band received with a quarter-wave antenna (41m half-square) do not overdrive the receiver. Great!!
I totally agree with you statement: "Better than average results are achieved especially with signals at the threshold of the noise floor so that even the most quiet stations can be received."

In sum, super receiver! Simple operation, no external power supply necessary.

Really great! A lot of receiving power for the current purchase price of 499, 00 Euros.

Georg Huebner - DO5DGH

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