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Software Defined Radio

DiRaSplitt 300

3 Way Active Antenna Splitter
9KHz - 300MHz


  • Wide dynamic range

  • Wide frequency range (VLF - VHF)

  • High IP3

  • High isolation between outputs

  • High reverse isolation

  • No distribution losses

  • Input ESD protected

  • USB powered

  • Can be cascaded



Official DRM Supporter (Digital Radio Mondiale).


Lossless distribution of antenna signals from VLF to VHF



Often multiple receivers should be operated on the same antenna without degradion of the distributed signals, which occours when using a conventional passive antenna splitter.

No problem with the active antenna splitter DiRaSplitt 300, to which you can simultaneously operate up to three receivers without additional distribution losses. Due to the extremely high isolation between the outputs, mutual interference distortions of the connected receivers are avoided.
Additionally the radiations of possible interference in direction to the connected antenna is effectively suppressed.

Non-connected outputs need no additional termination resistors.

The antenna input conncector is protected by a complex ESD protection circuit against short-time pulsed overvoltages and overloads..

Due to the USB power supply in combination with low power consumption, the device is also well suited for portable use.

For stationary operation an extra USB power adapter is also usable.


- Radio Monitoring



- Receiver Performance Tests

- Laboratory and Research Applications


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DiRaSplitt Rear Panel


Technical Data:

Input frequency range: 9KHz - 300MHz (-1dB)
Input connector / impedance: BNC / 50 Ohms (DC blocked max. 50V)
ESD input protection: 30KV; max. pulse power 350W (8/20µs)
Max. allowed input power: 0dBm
Output connectors / impedance: BNC / 50 Ohms (DC blocked max. 50V)

Isolation between outputs:

70dB typ. <1MHz
60dB typ. < 30MHz
50dB typ. <100MHz
40dB typ. <300MHz

Isolation between output and input (reverse isolation):

85dB typ. <1MHz
75dB typ. <30MHz
55dB typ. <100MHz
35dB typ. <300MHz

Amplitude frequency response: (300KHz - 300MHz): max. 1dB typ.

Amplitude difference between outputs: max. 0.5dB typ.

Third-order intercept point IP3:

+37dBm typ. <10MHz
+20dBm typ. >100MHz

Power supply connector: Type-B USB jack

Current consumption: max.50mA (5V DC)

Working temperature range: 0 - 40°C (without condensation)

Height / Weight: 115 x 90 x 32mm / 0.30kg

Conformity: CE

Standard accessory: USB A/B cable (shielded with ferrite cores)

Optional accessory: USB power adapter (5V DC out / 100-240V AC in )

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