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Software Defined Radio

DRB 32

DiRaBox Digital Radio Box

Universal reception up to 30MHz using PC & soundcard


SoDiRa supports DRB 32

The actually most comprehensive free SDR software SoDiRa supports from version 070 direct frequency tuning of our PC-controlled receivers.

We have added an extra section concerning support of the DRB 32.


Documents (PDF):

Data Sheet DRB 32 (2 pages)

Instructions DRB 32 (2 pages)

Control Panel DRB 32 V1.6 LPT (1 page)

Control Panel DRB 32 V1.6 via USB adapter (1 page)


Learn more about the DiRaBox DRB 32:

Analogue Reception


DRM Reception

Control Software

Dynamic range

Overview SDR Software

Functional Description

How to build a simple active antenna




G8JCFSDR SDR Console with Frequency Control

SoDiRa SDR Console with Frequency Control



DRB 32 Control Panel V1.6

(Version dated 12/07/2007)


Special model DRB 32-4

4 Channel Coherent HF Receiver Configuration:

Description & Basics

Application at Arcala Extremes Project


Official DRM Supporter (Digital Radio Mondiale).


Semi-professional PC-controlled Shortwave Receiver

Meanwhile the DiRaBox DRB 30 is a well-established product for PC-controlled shortwave receivers and SDR platforms.
Numerous test reports show an excellent ranking.
The unit is often used especially for DRM applications as reference and for propagation studies.

With the DRB 32 we introduce a modified concept especially for semiprofessional applications with enhanced performance:

• Increased sensitivity of about 6dB
• Switchable high intercept range (HighIP) for large signals
• Further improved selectivity
• Expanded interface with additional reset
• 12KHz standard IF output

Turn your PC into a top-class communications receiver

What will be needed ?

1. DiRaBox

The DiRaBox DRB 32 is a so-called black box receiver under computer control which converts the RF signal to a low frequency IF signal suitable for the PC soundcard.

2. PC

A standard PC or notebook with standard soundcard is sufficient.
The processor clock rate should exceed 500 MHz and is related to the used SDR software.

The low frequency IF output is connected to the line input of the soundcard (3.5mm stereo jack socket).

Sound is provided by the soundcard via connected earphones or loudspeaker.

3. Software

The web offers currently a handfull SDR programs, most of them are experimental freeware.

These programs enable the demodulation of the IF signal delivered by the DiRaBox.
They can handle all analgoue mode (AM / SSB / FM) and even the new DRM standard

Computer control of the unit is provided by the rear-panel parallel interface port (LPT) or via USB **.
Corresponding control software (WIN95/98/2000/XP) is available.

The DiRaBox Concept

drm receiver drb-32

The DiRaBox concept refers to the principles of Software Defined Radio. SDR is also state-of-the-art used in professional communication receivers:

First conversion to a high IF-frequency and second conversion to a very low IF-frequency followed by DSP (Digital Signal Processing). In the DiRaBox concept DSP is replaced by the combination PC and SDR software.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a radio system which replaces as much as possible functional blocks by software technologies that enable reconfigurable system architectures.

Benefits of SDR

  • Easy implemantation of future transmission & modulation standards

  • Any filter configuration possible

  • Integration of useful auxiliary functions like e.g. noise reduction

  • High reproductibility by omission of analogue components with relating tolerances

This makes is quite clear that a flexible system like SDR is superior to a rigid system, right now when transmission technolgy is changing from analogue to digital.

Technical Data

Tuning Frequency: 30KHz - 30MHz (continous)
Tuning Steps: 1/5/10/50/100/500Hz & 1/5KHz selectable
Antenna Jacket / Impedance: BNC-socket / 50Ohms & additional remote supply voltage 9V via 470
Ohms serial resistor for an optional active antenna (switchable)
Max. Allowed Antenna Level : +10dBm typ. / saturation at -15dBm typ.

Noise Floor (0.15-30MHz BW 2.3KHz):
Standard: < -131dBm (0.06µV) typ.
HighIP: < -119dBm (0.25µV) typ.

Intermodulation-free Dynamic Range (200KHz offset):
Standard: > 97dB typ.
HighIP: > 95dB typ.
In-Band-Blocking: > 88dB typ.
(20KHz offset / interence signal -33dBm & desired signal -121dBm=S1)

Third-order Intercept Point IP3 (@7.00 & 7.20MHz):
Standard: +14dBm typ.
HighIP: +24dBm typ.

Frequency Stability (15min. warm-up period): +/- 1ppm typ.
DRM-Performance (9/10KHz): Max. SNR >35dB, PREMIUM >40dB *
DDS-related Spurious Supression: > 70dB typ.

Image Frequency Rejection:
>65dB / 1.IF (LO + 45MHz)
Standard: >57dB / 2.IF (In-Band -24KHz)
Premium: >70dB / 2.IF (In-Band -24KHz)

IF Suppression: > 85dB

12KHz-IF Output: Bandwidth 15KHz (-6dB) via 3.5mm stereo phone jack socket
PC Control Port / LPT: D-SUB (25-pin SUB-D male connector )
Power Supply / Connector: 12 - 15V DC max. 200mA / 2.1mm DC power socket (positive inner)
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Dimensions / Weight: 112 x 71 x 31mm / 0.15kg

What`s included ?

DiRaBox DRB 32

Please note: Plug-Power Supply, application software (Control Panel) and connecting cables are not included !

Application software is available directly from this page. Also available as CD-ROM on request.

Premium Edition

Selected DRB 32 PREMIUM with DRM-SNR >40dB guaranteed (tested with 9KHz-DRM signal at 10MHz & -45dBm)

Please ask for availability !

USB Interface

DRB USB ADP USB Interface Adapter (plugable to the DiRaBox parallel port connector)

+++ Please note also: DiRaWave 032 - New USB-controlled Shortwave Receiver +++

With the DiRaWave 032 we introduce the third generation of PC-controlled shortwave receivers from own development and production.

An extremely low noise floor of -137dBm in association with an oustanding intermodulation-free dynamic range of >102dB combines perfectly maximum sensitivity with excellent strong signal handling.